• Fireside chats: Do you have topics  your rowers would like to learn more about, such as lowback pain in rowers? 1 hour talk with Q&A
  • Mini-workshops: Longer talks with hands on learning: prevention of back injuries or shoulder injuries, core stability, stretching and use of foam rollers. Usually 2-3 hours with active participation
  • Masters or juniors rowing workshops: 1 day long workshop with mini physical assesment, work with coaches on erg and on water. Q&A period
  • Coaches workshops: covering topics like anatomy, looking at the stroke from a physical therapist perspective, dynamic warmup, strength training, rounding out or developing a conditioning program
  • Individual physical assessments: structure, flexibility, stability, strength, and mobility relating to rowing: 1hr long sessions.  For individual assessments, we suggest 3-4 sessions minimum.  Ideally the 1st and 2nd session are close together to really go over the assessment and initial exercises. Hands on work (with suggestions for additional practitioners, if needed, depending on location). Reassessment
  • Individual video assessments on the erg, and on the water, if possible. I can also use videos filmed provided by the athlete or coach
  • Collaboration with coaches for individual athletes based on their physical assessment


Initial 90 minute assessment: $270

Each session after that: $180/hr or $45/15min

Contact us for more details at: or call 206-235-8950